International AIDS Society

Conference Objectives

  1. Focus on the latest biomedical HIV science and its applications for clinical practice and prevention worldwide;
  2. Provide new insights into HIV vulnerability, disease progression and prevention interventions worldwide;
  3. Review implementation science research that addresses challenges by scaling up research and prevention especially in resource limited setting and in policy constraint environments;
  4. Provide opportunities for professional development, scientific collaboration, debate and dialogue among HIV professionals;
  5. Increase public awareness of the impact of HIV and AIDS with a focus on the implications of new scientific research on the global response;
  6. Increase the capacity of delegates to advocate for keeping the HIV issue on top of the global agenda;
  7. Highlight the state of the HIV epidemic and the progresses made in HIV research and prevention in the Asia-Pacific region;
The specificities of these general objectives will be defined by the various Programme Committees.